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Ignition configurations for Fedora CoreOS


  1. These are the configs I personally use on my systems. You MUST edit the files before you use them. At the very least, you should add your SSH keys or password hash.
  2. Only ED25519 SSH keys are accepted with the SSHD hardening configuration. If you do not use ED25519 keys, you will need to adjust the /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/10-custom.conf file accordingly.
  3. If you create a passwordless user that requires administrative privileges, ensure that it is part of the sudo group (CoreOS allows this group to use sudo without a password) as the configs will disable empty password system authentication.
  4. These configurations are made with a VPS in mind. You should adapt it for a bare metal deployment if that is what you are using (adding additional kernel parameters, configuring drive encryption, configuring storage, etc). You should also change the tuned profile from virtual-guest appropriately.
  5. In most of these configs, the timezone is set to America/Phoenix and the automatic reboot time is set at 12 AM on Sunday. You need to be mindful of timezones with Daylight Savings per Zincati documentation.
  6. The docker-compose-updater.service in /etc/systemd/system can be enabled to have automatic updates for your containers created by Docker Compose. Please make sure that the WorkingDirectory is appropriate.

Upgrading from Fedora CoreOS 39 to 40

I am aware of a dependency issue which may cause the system to not automatically update itself to FCOS 40. To fix the problem, run:

systemctl stop zincati
rpm-ostree override reset clevis tpm2-tools tpm2-tss-fapi
rpm-ostree upgrade
rpm-ostree override remove clevis tpm2-tools tpm2-tss-fapi clevis-pin-tpm2