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Tommy 110d16a9d5
Pamac v10.4.3
4 weeks ago
.SRCINFO Pamac v10.4.3 4 weeks ago
LICENSE Initial Commit 1 year ago
PKGBUILD Pamac v10.4.3 4 weeks ago Update 3 months ago
pamac.install Less ugly way to enable systemd timers 3 months ago


A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm (with AUR, Flatpak, and AppIndicator support)


This package is a modified version of pamac-nosnap with slightly different install and build scripts.

It was originally based on pamac-all with snapd removed.


The Flathub Beta repository is enable by default.
I have also removed the post_upgrade() function to make it so that if you remove any of the default Flatpak repo, they won't persistently come back after an update.