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OCI image for Synapse, a Matrix server implementation and Mjolnir module
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Synapse v1.107.0
Signed-off-by: Tommy <contact@tommytran.io>
2024-05-20 09:53:54 -07:00
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Build, scan & push

Synapse is a Matrix implementation written in Python.


  • Prebuilt images are available at ghcr.io/tommytran732/synapse and quay.io/tommytran732/synapse.
  • Don't trust random images: build yourself if you can.
  • Always keep your software up-to-date: manage versions with build-time variables.
  • Images from ghcr.io are built every week and scanned every day for critical vulnerabilities with Trivy. I recommend that you use these images.
  • Images from quay.io are built on every push event and scanned for vulnerabilities with Clair.

Features & usage

  • Drop-in replacement for the official image.
  • Unprivileged image: you should check your volumes permissions (eg /data), default UID/GID is 991.
  • Based on Alpine, which provides more recent packages while having less attack surface.
  • Comes with a hardened memory allocator, protecting against some heap-based buffer overflows.
  • Mjolnir module support.