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Mojave CT

Note: This is my own fork of Mojave, which is basically for removing icons I deem ugly and adding additional files for some Flatpak apps (since they are named a bit differently). I use this theme in combination with arc-icon on my personal setup.


Mojave CT icons is the set of icons of similar appearance to macOS, more complete at the moment, its name is derived from the word "Mojave" used in the latest version of the apple operating system, and the letters "CT" derives from the old project " Cratos Lion "which was also inspired by macos.


  • Scalable icons at 128x128.
  • More than 4000 application icons
  • 2460 app icons in vectors
  • own designs and replicas
  • compatible with all desks

In addition to replicating the mac icons, I also create some with similar design for other applications. apps

Support for MacOS night mode.



If you like my job and you want to help me, invite me to a cafe. Here is a link so you can donate through PayPal if you wish: donate

Download and testing

download from opendesktop the latest weekly version, or from releases to have the last major update (less constant).

from opendesktop you will have 3 different versions available,

  • classic. with dark icons for the panel.

  • Light. with clear icons for the panel.

  • dark mode. for the imitation of the dark mode in mojave macos, with clear icons for panel and menus. folders more ocuras, and better integrated in the totally dark subjects

Installing the icons

  • Move the folder of icons to ~/.local/share/icons (in user mode), for user in kde move the folder of icons to .local/share/icons or /usr/share/icons (in root mode).

  • The icon theme will be in the Settings for select