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Build, scan & push

Matrix.to is a simple url redirection service for the Matrix.org ecosystem which lets users share links to matrix entities without being tied to a specific app. Stylistically it serves as a landing page for rooms and communities.

This is my own Docker image building from the official repository.


  • Prebuilt images are available at ghcr.io/tommytran732/matrix.to.
  • Don't trust random images: build yourself if you can.
  • Default Element instance is changed from Element.io to ArcticFoxes.net
  • The Dockerfile builds from the main branch, as releases do not come out frequently.
  • yarn.lock is ignored, as upstream does not bump dependencies properly.

Features & usage

  • Unprivileged image: default UID/GID is 992.
  • Based on the latest Alpine container which provide more recent packages while having less attack surface.
  • Daily rebuilds keeping the image up-to-date.
  • Comes with the hardened memory allocator built from the latest tag, protecting against some heap-based buffer overflows.