My setup script for my Linux systems
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Tommy 312d968efd
Minor reorganization
Signed-off-by: Tommy <>
2024-05-21 23:16:23 -07:00
etc Setup /etc/issue 2024-05-16 23:28:26 -07:00 Remove unnecessary command 2024-05-20 19:02:18 -07:00 Minor reorganization 2024-05-21 23:16:23 -07:00
LICENSE Remove msr 2024-04-05 13:35:35 -07:00 Add RHEL 9 2024-05-03 16:48:16 -07:00 Consistency fix 2024-05-17 02:49:31 -07:00 Add serial port for server installs 2024-05-17 14:29:16 -07:00

Linux Setup Scripts

My setup scripts for my workstations. You should edit the scripts to your liking before running it. Please run the scripts as your actual user and not root. Provide sudo password when it asks you to. Flatpak packages and themes/icons are only installed for your user and not system wide.

The printing stack (cups) is removed as I do not use it. Bluetooth is disabled by KickSecure's kernel module blacklist.

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Fedora CoreOS

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