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Reports for banking apps compatibility with GrapheneOS
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Banking apps compatibility with GrapheneOS

Report and track international banking app compatibility with GrapheneOS, including which workarounds may be required.


Please read an important announcement (Dec 1, 2023) in this pinned issue releated to banking app compatibility.

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A crowd-sourced project dataset for GrapheneOS users on supported devices, featuring a maintained compatibility list of tested international banking apps, which is reviewed and published.

PrivSec.dev hosts this 3rd-party community-sourced effort, offering detailed information and which workarounds may be required for banking apps compatibility with GrapheneOS.

It is essential to note that GrapheneOS:



See https://discuss.grapheneos.org/d/8330-app-compatibility-with-grapheneos


This repository is for reporting, tracking, and updating the status of banking app compatibility with GrapheneOS only. If you want to suggest edits on the banking apps web page, which are unrelated to the reports, please use PrivSec-dev/privsec.dev's repository issue-tracker.