Server configurations for Ubuntu 22.04 running Synapse
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Server configurations for Ubuntu 22.04 running Synapse

This configuration does not include some hardening configurations, as those are maintained here.


  • snap ufw blocks Docker by default. ArcticFoxes's Matrix server uses .deb ufw instead.
  • Use the .deb certbot package so that you can apply systemd hardening.
  • A lot of these configuration files use ArcticFoxes's domain. If you are adopting this to your own system, make sure that you replace them.
  • The Certbot-OCSP-Fetcher script can be found here
  • You need to create a postgres-socket and add the postgres and matrix-synapse user to it.
  • You need to create a matrix-synapse-socket and add the matrix-synapse and nginx user to it.
  • Systemd overrides for NGINX and SSHD services are based on GrapheneOS's configurations.
  • Systemd override for Synapse is based on Arch Linux's matrix-synapse package.
  • The repolists of PostgreSQL and Docker have been modified so that they read GPG keys from /usr/share/keyring by default. Make sure that when you follow upstream's documentation on adding their GPG keys, you adjust the location. For PostgreSQL's GPG key, run curl | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/postgresql-debian-repo.gpg >/dev/null