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Coturn Docker-Compose for Matrix Synapse
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Coturn Docker-Compose for Matrix Synapse

  1. Start the ACME daemon: docker-compose up -d acme.
  2. Register an account ZeroSSL: docker exec acme --register-account -m email@domain.tld.
  3. Generate the certificate: docker exec acme --issue -d turn.yourdomain.tld --standalone --ecc --ocsp.
  4. Copy the certificates to the correct location: docker exec acme --install-cert -d turn.yourdomain.tld --fullchain-file /ssl/fullchain.pem --key-file /ssl/privkey.pem.
  5. Set 65534:65534 to own the certificates: chown -R 65534:65534 ./ssl
  6. Edit coturn/turnserver.conf approprieately. At minimum, you should change realm to your TURN server's hostname and set your own static-auth-secret.
  7. Run docker-compose up and make sure nothing errors out. You can use docker-compose up -d to start it in the background if you want.